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Additional Services

Tech Support

Not good with technology? Thats ok. We will do any modifications that you want to your website as much as you want it. 

Need help with your other electronic devices or services? 

Give us a call, text, or email and we will assist you.

Keep for $4.99/Month after trial with a plus or premium website package.


Social Media Managenment

A great way to enhance your business's visibility, which leads to gaining new customers while keeping your current customers updated.

Why Social Media?

You are giving your products the ability to be sold on social media and ecommerce sites like eBay or Amazon. 

This is also the best way to get in touch with todays youth and attract them to you.

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Website Management Lessons

Learn how to edit and remodel the website on your own.


Smart Line

An app you can install on your smartphone to receive calls and text as a business line on your personal device